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November 26, 2019

Snackpacking for Winter Rides

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When the snow starts falling, the reputation of the hungry cyclist has never been truer. Food is energy and if you aren’t eating, your body can’t keep the thermostat up. The challenges of winter biking can be tough enough without the added challenge of something as basic as feeding yourself so we partnered with our … [ Read More ]

Whether you’ve been winter riding for a decade, or are braving your first cold snap in the saddle- there is one thing we all have to deal with, it’s keeping our digits from freezing. If you’ve come back from a ride with cold hands and first thought, “I need to buy new ____” You’re only … [ Read More ]

An obligatory gear list for our Oregon Willamatte – Umpqua loop! I brought my full suspension bike which I was really happy to be riding on these trails. It’s an older Voodoo Canzo 29 with a 4 bar linkage. Despite being dated, there are a lot of things I like about this bike; it offers … [ Read More ]

A frequent question we get is how or if the Sweetroll works with drop bars. This post will help to explain the setup. First some basics, with drops you are limited in width but not so much in tire clearance. This is the opposite of mountain bike flat bars where width is basically limitless but … [ Read More ]