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March 10, 2021

Sweetrolls and Drop Bars

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A frequent question we get is how or if the Sweetroll works with drop bars. This post will help to explain the setup. First some basics, with drops you are limited in width but not so much in tire clearance. This is the opposite of mountain bike flat bars where width is basically limitless but … [ Read More ]

In the midst of a global pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement, like many of you, we felt it was necessary to respect the movement and start listening. Many of the day to day communications we are used to having have suddenly seem inconsequential. It’s hard to hear and learn when you’re talking, so … [ Read More ]

Today we’re stoked to share with you the brand new Terrapin System 8L. The Terrapin System 8L is based off the proven concept of the full size Terrapin System, which boasts generous 14L capacity. The original Terrapin was released five years ago and was the first production holster style system with a fully waterproof drybag … [ Read More ]

October 19, 2017

Nulato Hill Exploration

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Luc taps me on the shoulder, “Got a water bottle?” I see desperation in his face. I shake my head, all I had was the full 1 liter bottle I had just purchased in the Fairbanks airport. The drone of the twin engine, eight seater Navajo plane muffled out any small talk, this time for … [ Read More ]

Whether you’ve been winter riding for a decade, or are braving your first cold snap in the saddle- there is one thing we all have to deal with, it’s keeping our digits from freezing. If you’ve come back from a ride with cold hands and first thought, “I need to buy new ____” You’re only … [ Read More ]

Way back when Endomorphs were the coolest thing ever, my buddy Dylan and I did this trip. It was a big deal for us and shaped many things to come. I think it was the longest beach bike trip ever done in Alaska. A few clips of this footage circulated at the time but I … [ Read More ]

May 27, 2016

Revelate Exclusive

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A few of you might have received a shiny package in the mail recently, or maybe you have one on the way, eagerly awaiting to gear up your ride and hit the trails. The next evolution of our bikepacking gear is on a slow roll-out. A Revelate exclusive, polyurethane coated X-PAC fabric. Currently featured on our … [ Read More ]

The days are numbered until the Tour Divide begins, enthusiastic cyclists will start pedaling in Banff, AB. Those that can navigate the terrain, clock the miles, and maneuver through all seasons of weather with the looming threat of wildfires to emerge in Antelope Wells, NM, on this self supported tour, all deserve a medal. We … [ Read More ]

Introducing our newest product – The Wampak. This winter hydration pack has been a bit of a love child around here and a long requested item from our friends in the winter ultra race circles. It solves a simple, yet common problem – how to hydrate when winter biking. Common ways to do this are … [ Read More ]

An obligatory gear list for our Oregon Willamatte – Umpqua loop! I brought my full suspension bike which I was really happy to be riding on these trails. It’s an older Voodoo Canzo 29 with a 4 bar linkage. Despite being dated, there are a lot of things I like about this bike; it offers … [ Read More ]

Interbike 2015 is in the bag, we had a great time overall. We ll be following up in the coming weeks & months with details of the the new gear in the pipe. After Interbike I always feel the need to unplug from work and purge all that is vegas and stressful from the system. … [ Read More ]

September 1, 2015

Introducing Ripio Frame bags!

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Introducing the Ripio series of full size frame bags, these are geometry optimized to fit your endurance road, gravel or touring rig. These puppies are a long time coming, we’ve long felt that a full size frame bag is the perfect accompaniment to a traditional touring rig, the recent growth of multi-day gravel, dirt road … [ Read More ]