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April 22, 2016

What You Need to Ride the Divide

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The days are numbered until the Tour Divide begins, enthusiastic cyclists will start pedaling in Banff, AB. Those that can navigate the terrain, clock the miles, and maneuver through all seasons of weather with the looming threat of wildfires to emerge in Antelope Wells, NM, on this self supported tour, all deserve a medal. We were going to put together an essential Tour Divide kit but it quickly became clear that there was no reason to reinvent the wheel. The last five years Revelate Designs gear has been tried and tested by the leaders of the pack. These detailed setups are helpful for touring and bikepacking adventures on a smaller scale too!

Check out each rider’s essential lineup of gear for this 2,745 mile ride:

  1. 2015 Josh Kato’s Winning Tour Divide Pack List
  2. 2014 Jefe Branham (Using home-brew bags but a shout out to the gas tank!)
  3. 2013 Mike Hall’s Tour Divide Kit List 
  4. 2012 Winner Ollie Whalley’s Tour Divide Gear List 
  5. 2011 Kurt Refsnider’s Tour Divide Setup

For the rest of us who are keeping a bit slower paced adventure, some inspiration:

Photo credit: Josh Kato

Photo credit: Josh Kato


Josh Kato finishing the 2015 Tour Divide

Last year Josh Kato (above) and Revelate Designs ambassador Lael Wilcox (below) both laid down record breaking times on the route.






Photo credit: Josh Kato