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For general questions regarding product information and sizing, web orders, shipping questions, pro-deals or returns/exchanges, please contact:

For warranty/repair issues please contact:

If you are an existing dealer and have questions about your account or invoice, please contact Natsuko:

Interested in becoming a new dealer? Please get in contact with us here.

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Anchorage Office:

If you’re looking to pickup a bag in Anchorage, we don’t have a retail store front. Pickups are by appointment. Please verify we have your item in stock by emailing

We are located at:

927 West Fireweed Ln Suite B
Anchorage AK 99503
Reach us by phone (920) 234 8540 – however, we are fastest at replying to emails!

Can I get a custom bag made or a modification?

Sorry, while we used to pride ourselves on custom work we no longer offer custom work so we can focus on our stock items and product development.