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We’re suckers for zippers that can take a beating and still perform. No matter what kind of grit, grime, or snow you throw at them, we want our zippers to stand up to the test.⁠ But what makes our zippers so special? We’re glad you asked!   We use beefy molded tooth zippers built for … [ Read More ]

Nearly two decades ago, Surly hired Dave Gray to design bicycle frames and components and to take the company to the next level. A long-time “bikepacker” (what he called “bike-camping” at the time) and the brainchild behind the Surly Pugsley, Gray has a unique insight into the history of bikpacking and the parallel development of … [ Read More ]

May 27, 2016

Revelate Exclusive

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A few of you might have received a shiny package in the mail recently, or maybe you have one on the way, eagerly awaiting to gear up your ride and hit the trails. The next evolution of our bikepacking gear is on a slow roll-out. A Revelate exclusive, polyurethane coated X-PAC fabric. Currently featured on our … [ Read More ]

Revelate Designs
April 24, 2015

Repair Video

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Damage something? Watch this.

Want to run a Thudbuster seatpost and our seat bags? Here’s the scoop! Cane Creek makes 2 versions of the Thusbuster post that takes the edge off during a long day in the saddle. These posts are popular with the long haul crowd and the ST is even spec’ed as stock on the Salsa Fargo … [ Read More ]