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  On the 28th January Revelate Designs Ambassador Mark Watson will be lining up with 59 other participants for the third edition of New Zealand’s hardest bikepacking race, the Tour Te Waipounamu. Mark’s one of only four people who have completed the race twice and is returning for a third attempt. With previous editions taking … [ Read More ]

15 years ago Revelate Designs was born from a desire to make exploring by bike better than ever before. It’s pretty wild to think how far we have come in the past decade and a half. We wouldn’t be where we are today withouth the support, feedback, and love for bikes that this community brings … [ Read More ]

Translated from Quechua, the ‘Royal Road’ once united all Andean communities from Colombia to Chile in an intricate road system of more than 30,000 km that in 2014 became an UNESCO World Heritage site.  Constructed by the Incas over several centuries and partly based on pre-Inca infrastructure, this extraordinary network through one of the world’s … [ Read More ]

Words and photos by Revelate ambassador, Annie Le As a van living freelancer, travelling all over Scotland for work, community was a distant thing. Something other, more settled people could create, but something that felt unattainable for my lifestyle, but also something I didn’t think I needed. And then covid hit and forced us all … [ Read More ]

Today’s story comes to us from Mahshid Hadi. Mahshid and her partner Sam are a dynamic bikepacking duo, fueled by their shared passion for pedal-powered adventures. Mahshid, an Iranian cyclist and proud Liv ambassador, has found her haven in Canada. From being denied the simple joy of biking in her homeland, Iran, she’s transformed into … [ Read More ]

Written by Stephen Shelesky Unapologetically harsh but forgivingly beautiful, Iceland is having a well deserved renaissance in bike touring. One of its most remote regions, the Westfjords is home to the folks pioneering the change. While bike touring in Iceland isn’t exactly a new idea, it’s becoming more accessible than ever with groups like Cycling … [ Read More ]

  This is a guest article from Sarah Histand of Mind and Mountain. Summer Strong: Mind & Body Training Tips for Bikepacking — Mind & Body Strength for Bike Season —   Spring is almost here, and we’re all excited to jump on our bikes and hit the trails for some fun! As we move … [ Read More ]

  March is women’s history month and we’re excited to close out the month with a giveaway to celebrate women, bikes, and the joy of being outside. We’re partnered with Rocky Talkies, Heather’s Choice, and Mind + Mountain to gift one lucky winner the tools they need to get out on their next biking adventure … [ Read More ]

This month for our “Ask an Ambassador” article we checked in with endurance and adventure cyclist, Annie. Annie’s bikepacking resume is extensive, but for this article we wanted to talk with her about her many sojourns into the world of solo bikepacking. If you haven’t seen “The Longest Night” we highly recommend giving it a … [ Read More ]

As a bikepacking company born and raised in Alaska, the Iditarod Trail has a special place in our hearts. Whether folks are racing or touring it – the Iditarod isn’t to be taken lightly. Preparations for spending time out on the trail take months of time, especially if you’re going the full 1,000 miles. Revelate … [ Read More ]

January 17, 2023

2022’s Most Popular Bags

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  We love all of the gear we put out into the world – but some pieces rise above the rest in popularity. So, we thought it would be fun to share with you the 3 pieces purchased by you all the most – along with the things our staff loves about them the most! … [ Read More ]

Happy New Year fellow bike enthusiasts! There is something a bit magic about the changing of years — it’s a wonderful opportunity for us to take stock on what went well about the prior year, while wiping the slate clean and venturing forward into the new. It’s also a great time to start making a … [ Read More ]

Written by Revelate Ambassador, Dwayne Burgess (@dwaynepedals) — Follow along with more of Dwayne’s stories on his YouTube channel!     I am consistently on the hunt for the very best trails across the world to experience and to share with my Youtube subscribers. Recently, I came across the Service Course that piqued my interest … [ Read More ]

Is it too late to order something now and get it in time for Christmas? Yes. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still gift some gear. We’ve put together a special card you can print out right at home so you can still have something to put under the tree. Write a little note to … [ Read More ]

  written by Adam Andres Pawlikiewicz Mesa, with photos by Adam Andres Pawlikiewicz Mesa & Leonardo Brasil   After a long year of training for our own respective ultra endurance events, Leo and I decided that the best way to recover would be to venture out on a casual 2-3 day bikepack before winter arrived. In … [ Read More ]

  We’re excited to announce our newest series, Ask An Ambassador, where we’re checking in with all of the Revelate ambassadors and getting their advice on topics they feel passionate about! To kick off our series, we checked in with Kurt Refsnider. A cycling coach at @ultramtb, co-founder of @bikepackingroots, a lifetime cyclist, and all … [ Read More ]

  This year we’re rolling out gift guides for all different kinds of bike enthusiasts. We’re kicking it off with gifts for all of the gravel devotees out there featuring picks from the one and only, Rebecca Rusch!       “The Shrew is the smallest Revelate seat bag a just 5 oz. , but it … [ Read More ]

This post is a special guest post written by Luc Mehl, a fellow Alaskan and  a leader in the field of trip planning and preparation.   Part 1 of this series presented near-real-time satellite imagery applications that help us determine surface conditions days or weeks ago. We used imagery from the Fernie, BC, area around … [ Read More ]

  This post is a special guest post written by Luc Mehl, a fellow Alaskan and  a leader in the field of trip planning and preparation. Modern advances in manufacturing and technology allow us to travel farther from home than ever before. But being far from home often means being far from help. Understandably, trip … [ Read More ]