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Bekka Mongeau
January 17, 2023

2022’s Most Popular Bags

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We love all of the gear we put out into the world – but some pieces rise above the rest in popularity. So, we thought it would be fun to share with you the 3 pieces purchased by you all the most – along with the things our staff loves about them the most!


The Mountain Feedbag

The Feedbag is far and away the most popular item we offer. Year after year it’s the item we have to restock the most often. Why? Well, we think it’s one of the most versatile pieces we offer. The Feedbag is perfect for long haul trips, races, day rides, or just a coffee run. From beverages to baguettes the Feedbag does it all. Not only that but it’s a great first bikepacking bag for a lot of folks.


The Shrew

The Shrew is our smallest seat bag yet and is perfect for big day rides on any terrain. It’s small stature is what gives it such great versatility – because it mounts only on the saddle rails, it has a near universal fit to any bike and is compatible with any seat post. Stash rain gear, an extra layer, ample snacks, or other things you might normally keep in a frame bag. Plus – it comes in a lot of fun colors.


The Egress Pocket

Oh the Egress Pocket, how we love you so. Just like our other most popular bags, the Egress scores high in versatility. You can mount it on your handlebars as a standalone (great for everyday errands and day rides) or it also integrates with our Sweetroll, Harness, and Pronghorn bags to give you added storage for bigger trips. Or, you can even run your belt through a series of webbing slots turning it into a hip pack!

In addition to it’s versatility, the Harness is waterproof and seam-welded. Plus, it comes with a removable padded liner (making it great as a camera/electronics bag!).