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Bekka Mongeau
November 21, 2022

2022 Gift Guide: Gravel Gifts with Rebecca Rusch

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This year we’re rolling out gift guides for all different kinds of bike enthusiasts. We’re kicking it off with gifts for all of the gravel devotees out there featuring picks from the one and only, Rebecca Rusch!




“The Shrew is the smallest Revelate seat bag a just 5 oz. , but it packs a big punch with a 3L capacity. I used this bag for my personal Giddy Up Everesting Challenge and loved it; it carried my extra clothes and it never wobbled with the new stablization strap. Plus the roll-top opening made it SO easy to access my gear fast.”




“I love to keep my food and supplemental nutrition in my gastank since they are most easy to access there. Depending on what time of year it is I’ll have some GU energy chews and gels, my favorite trail mix, (healthy) cookies, and in the winter, Bacon!”





“This slim little baby nestles up in the corner by the seat post and top tube and is easily accessible to open and close while riding. The Jerry Can takes advantage of a convenient little nook on your bike and is my favorite place to keep trash organized on my fat bike or gravel bike. I can snack, then stash the trash in the Jerry Can and empty quickly and easily when I get to civilization.”




Boost Your Gravel Game

Give a gift that sets your gravel friends up for success. Revelate Ambassador, Rebecca Rusch, is offering a 25% off discount on her “Boost Your Gravel Game” online course. Use the code RUSCHACADEMY25 through the end of the year!

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Chamois Butt’r

No butts about it — a chafed behind is a real pain in the ass. Gift another Rusch favorite — Chamois Butt’r Ultra Balm. Take 25% off any Chamois Butt’r product with the code Revelate25 at checkout. Make it into a stand alone gift by pairing some Chamois Butt’r with a Mountain Feedbag!

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Our Toolcash is a great gift for any bike enthusiast — especially those who like to have some cash on hand for post-ride beers (or ice cream). This combination wallet + tool pouch utilizes a smart tri-fold design to simplify repairs and resupplies.

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