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Bekka Mongeau
September 22, 2022

Beefy, Built, and Burley – Our Zippers are Made to Last

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We’re suckers for zippers that can take a beating and still perform. No matter what kind of grit, grime, or snow you throw at them, we want our zippers to stand up to the test.⁠ But what makes our zippers so special? We’re glad you asked!


We use beefy molded tooth zippers built for the marine & wetsuit industry on our frame bags paired with stretch panels to allow the zipper to conform to contents when loaded. This reduces tension and stress on the zippers resulting in significantly easier use (and a longer lifespan!). We use a proprietary 500 denier 2 way stretch cordura with a TPU laminated film on the back for water resistance. Plus the sewn tape portion is urethane coated for added water resistance.



You’ll also notice the large plastic teeth that we utilize on most of our designs. They have offset tops and bottoms which prevent water and grit from entering through the teeth and soaking your stuff when you’re out rambling about in wet, muddy, or snowy conditions.

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