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October 24, 2013

Thudbuster seatposts and Packs

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Want to run a Thudbuster seatpost and our seat bags? Here’s the scoop!

Cane Creek makes 2 versions of the Thusbuster post that takes the edge off during a long day in the saddle. These posts are popular with the long haul crowd and the ST is even spec’ed as stock on the Salsa Fargo 2.

With Revelate seat bags (Viscacha, Pika, Terrapin) there are different distances between the saddle rail strap and the seat post strap, and also 2 positions for the saddle rail strap. The ideal setup depends on which bag you’re using and if you are using either the LT or ST version of the post. We offer a strap extender that can be used in certain cases and is needed with the LT post.

We’re just going to run through the combos, before that however, we want to note that the rear saddle clamp bolt is quite nasty on bags. If left un-treated this bolt WILL WEAR A HOLE IN YOUR BAG. We recommend replacing it with a smooth head bolt, or abundant use of a file to round off the sharp teeth.

First the ST (short travel) post. Here is a Pika mounted with the saddle rail strap in the rear position. It works, but the bag will tend to angle upwards behind the seat. Not a big deal for mellow riding, but annoying for anything technical.

Pika with the ST used with the strap extension. The saddle rail strap is in the foreword position. Notice the bag is much more level behind the saddle.

Viscacha on ST post: The Viscacha is designed to work with the ST post and no monkey business needed. It works best if the saddle rail strap is in the rear position.

Terrapin on ST post: The Terrapin fit is between the Pika and Viscacha. Like the Pika it works either with or without the strap extension. Running it with the extension will level out the bag and give more tire clearance.

Terrapin on ST post with the strap extension:

Next up the LT post, for all bags the strap extension is required.

Terrapin on LT: Either position of the saddle strap works fine.

Viscacha with LT post: Here it’s running the saddle strap in the front position.

Pika on LT: Run the saddle strap in the rear position.

There you have it. Lots of options, go crazy.