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If you’re like a lot of new bikepackers looking to upgrade your DIY handlebar set up crafted of rope or straps after a couple of overnighters, there are some great options for you. An off-the-shelf solution will likely provide a more stable, reliable, and user-friendly product. We commend the utilitarianism in make-shift gear, but sometimes … [ Read More ]

November 26, 2019

Snackpacking for Winter Rides

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When the snow starts falling, the reputation of the hungry cyclist has never been truer. Food is energy and if you aren’t eating, your body can’t keep the thermostat up. The challenges of winter biking can be tough enough without the added challenge of something as basic as feeding yourself so we partnered with our … [ Read More ]

November 20, 2019

I Just Want To Ride

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“Weather permitting, I’d like to go after Mike Hall’s record (13 days, 22 hours, 51 minutes)— but you just never know how it’ll go out there :),” emails Lael. This was December, 2018. The Tour Divide roster was stacking up, there was going to be some good competition out there. Lael already held the women’s … [ Read More ]

September 12, 2019

Alana Rides

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To start this post off I’d like to share a few facts you may find interesting: Girls and boys share similar attitudes about exercise and bicycling until age 14, at which point more girls fear injury and doubt their own athletic competence.¹  On average, boys cycle nearly 6 times as much as girls (138 miles/year … [ Read More ]

June 5, 2019

Introducing Molly Sugar

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Our Ambassadors are good friends who we’ve developed long-term relationships with in the testing and development of our gear. They all share a passion for adventure cycling whether that be ultra racing along the spine of a mountain range, or living day in, day out on the bike, making touring a lifestyle. It’s an honor … [ Read More ]

For folks just starting out bikepacking, it’s hard to know where to begin. From an advice standpoint, we could offer any number of gear combinations that work. Determining what works best is really learned through miles on the saddle. With that in mind, we asked the folks who ride with our gear the most for … [ Read More ]

Our beloved Viscacha, accompanied by its cousin the Pika, have left the sewing room floor. They are survived by the Terrapin and Vole, and preceded in rest by the Super Twinkie. Their beginnings were EPIC. Touring the Iditarod Trail and the soggy Gulf Coast of Alaska. We didn’t know at the time what was in … [ Read More ]

Canadian endurance cyclist Rob Britton knows his way around a podium, but admittedly knew nothing about bikepacking. When he emailed us this summer looking for bikepacking gear recommendations, we were eager to see how his years of road racing translated to off pavement. Ambitious by nature, he bit off a 10-day trip through British Columbia, … [ Read More ]

Revelate Designs has partnered with PEARL iZUMi to present “I’m Not Stopping – Lael Wilcox Races the Navad 1000 Across Switzerland.” The Navad1000 is a 1000-kilometer-long self-supported mountain bike race that climbs 30,000 meters through the Swiss Alps. Lael Wilcox chose the race as her first ultra-endurance competition in Europe, crossing nearly the entire country … [ Read More ]

July 20, 2017

Something Old & Something New

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Today’s blog post starts with a history lesson and ends with an innovation. If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ve probably heard about the Lost Coast trip before, but it is the inspiration for the “something new” so bare with me… Nearly a decade ago Eric and Dylan Kentch set out on a … [ Read More ]

June 2, 2017

The Harness – Updates On A Classic

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The handlebar Harness system may be the last to graduate this year, with it’s updates coming after that of the Sweetroll, add-on pockets, and cockpit items, but it’s not one to be overlooked. The harness has a special place for adventures that require thinking ‘outside the drybag’. The soft-rack carrying system features updates in construction … [ Read More ]

June 23, 2016

18 Days 10 Minutes

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After following the dots on the leader board for the last couple weeks, I was a little bit stunned to check back the night before the race and see that Lael Wilcox had taken the lead. I double and triple checked actually. It was close to the finish line and I wanted to spread the … [ Read More ]

I met up with Lael Wilcox last month in Anchorage, days before she started her trek to Astoria, Oregon for the start of the Trans Am. With the race just two days away, I feel confident that I’m not giving away any of her secrets. Whether that was by means of my own procrastination or that … [ Read More ]