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January 19, 2019

A Eulogy To The Best Damned Seat Bag We Could Have Designed In 2010

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Our beloved Viscacha, accompanied by its cousin the Pika, have left the sewing room floor. They are survived by the Terrapin and Vole, and preceded in rest by the Super Twinkie.

Photos by Matt Hage, White Mountains and New Zealand

Their beginnings were EPIC. Touring the Iditarod Trail and the soggy Gulf Coast of Alaska. We didn’t know at the time what was in store for this dynamic duo. They traveled the world and went on hell biking expeditions most others couldn’t survive. They were deconstructed and genetically modified by admiring entrepreneurs. Despite it all, they still thrived and multiplied.

Photos from the Eric Parsons’ personal collection

Sentiments following the news have been strong. “I’ve been bikepacking for 20 years and this is the best designed seat bag on the planet earth,” one friend exclaimed. Unsure of how life would go on, he ordered a fresh one to get him through the next decade.

Photos provided by Joey Schusler from the Colorado Trail, 2014

A next generation of seat bags will soon follow but the Pika and Viscacha have left a litter that won’t quickly wean off.  

Photos taken by Nicholas Carman on the Baja Divide.

Raise your beer & cheers one last time to the friendly rodents that helped define bikepacking and made so many memories possible.

Photo by Joey Schusler, Peru