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June 2, 2017

The Harness – Updates On A Classic

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The handlebar Harness system may be the last to graduate this year, with it’s updates coming after that of the Sweetroll, add-on pockets, and cockpit items, but it’s not one to be overlooked. The harness has a special place for adventures that require thinking ‘outside the drybag’. The soft-rack carrying system features updates in construction of the harness pad, now a compression molded composite material that features a textured outer surface to keep your gear firmly in place.

harness only with boat and tent

The notoriously challenging to attach mounting blocks feature a slight, but invaluable redesign. Instead of hooking the blocks into sewn webbing on the harness pad, you now slip a pre-loaded velcro attachment through the block. harness blocks close up arrow

Ideal for carrying bulky loads like your winter sleeping system, we beefed up the buckles so you don’t have to remove your gloves to access your gear in the blistering cold.

Buckle detail

While the harness by itself is the most versatile of the handlebar systems, it has to be said that the optional Egress or Periphery pockets really puts the package together. Optional straps attach to the back side of the harness allowing it to integrate with a front pocket for additional quick access storage. You can find further instruction on how to attach the pocket straps here: Harness Strap Instructions.

pocket straps installed

Accessory pocket straps installed. The harness works with the Egress, Periphery and the zippered front pockets.

harness with egress and boat side

Loaded up with my MSR Hubba Hubba 2-person tent, a Klymit light weight dingy, paddle. Pack towel and snacks in the Egress pocket and I’m almost ready to head to the lake.

The Saltyroll is an optional double ended drybag that is made to carry the perfect load. To test out this tubular load, I packed up my 20 degree bag, not the most lightweight/packable bag you’ve ever seen, along with my sleeping pad in the Salty roll.

Saltyroll with sleeping system

harness with salty roll

Slipping the harness straps through the daisy chain on the front of the Saltyroll secures your load.

pocket buckles

The straps on the pocket wrap around the harness and clip into the accessory pocket straps.

Once the Saltyroll was packed with my sleeping bag and pad, I slipped it into the Harness. It was clear I wasn’t close to maxing out the capacity, by weight or width (Please do note there is a 15 lb weight limit on the harness). I threw in my two person tent and attached the Egress pocket to the front. My friend Sarah and I sat and marveled at my ride. My whole sleeping system was loaded on my bike, not even noticeable while riding. The thrill of loading your life up on your bike doesn’t seem to dissipate with time. Luckily the summer is still young and we have a lot of adventures to go on before the snow flies again in Alaska. Now go get after it!

harness action shot sarah sheila

My friend Sarah taking it for a test ride. Dog sold separately. Shoes are for wimps.