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August 29, 2021

3 Tips for a Successful Bikepacking Trip

Posted by in Ambassadors Instructional

Hosting or attending a local gravel bikepacking ride can be super exciting but you have to be organized. Here is some advice that will help with the success of a trip.

Tip 1: Make Sure You Have The Right Gear

Packing for a bikepacking trip takes some time but is totally worth the extra effort to make sure you have everything, especially if you will be away from services.

In my Revelate Designs Spinelock 16L saddle bag I pack my clothing, food, and cooking set. My medium Tangle or XL Ranger has my tent poles, tools, and water bladder and in my 15L Sweetroll I have my sleeping bag, more food, and my tent. And my go-to that goes on almost every trip with me (and even for quick city rides) is the Egress Pocket that holds my battery pack, camera batteries, first aid, and utility knife.

Tip 2: Drink Before You’re Thirsty and Eat Before You are Hungry

Staying hydrated is rule #1 when bikepacking. I like to keep two full bottles in my Mountain feedbags and a 3-liter bladder in my Tangle. I also stuff easily accessible snacks like my must-have gummy bears and trail mix in my Gas Tank.

Tip 3: Plan For The Unexpected & Check The Weather

Just know that when you are exposed to the elements and at the mercy of nature, things can go south and most certainly will. Being prepared gives you peace of mind. Bring those gloves and balaclava even when you think you won’t need them — especially at high altitudes things can change quickly. (Speaking from experience here…)

I like to keep rain gear readily available at the top of my Spinelock 16L – this way I can quickly access it when needed. I also make sure I carry my tools, tubes, and other necessities for mechanicals that may happen on the road either in my Tangle or in my Shrew for shorter rides.