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November 26, 2019

Snackpacking for Winter Rides

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When the snow starts falling, the reputation of the hungry cyclist has never been truer. Food is energy and if you aren’t eating, your body can’t keep the thermostat up. The challenges of winter biking can be tough enough without the added challenge of something as basic as feeding yourself so we partnered with our … [ Read More ]

November 20, 2019

I Just Want To Ride

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“Weather permitting, I’d like to go after Mike Hall’s record (13 days, 22 hours, 51 minutes)— but you just never know how it’ll go out there :),” emails Lael. This was December, 2018. The Tour Divide roster was stacking up, there was going to be some good competition out there. Lael already held the women’s … [ Read More ]

Emma Holgate likes to chase adventures through the mountains on bikes and skis. Having worked as a ski patroller in the gnarly weather of Scotland’s ski hills, and set up her own mountain bike guiding business, she now works full time as a bike instructor at Scotland’s national outdoor training centre in the Cairngorms, helping … [ Read More ]

Molly Sugar
October 3, 2019

Nevertheless She Persisted

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The dark blue river flowed by us as we prepped dinner along the sandy inlet next to R’s hammock. We each tended to our meals – either waiting for dehydrated food to soften up, or stirring meticulously so burnt bits didn’t get stuck at the bottom of our stoves. As we ate we talked about … [ Read More ]

Kailey Kornhauser
September 23, 2019

I pedaled here

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I was half way up City Creek Canyon, totally out of breath. My bike was heavy, and I told my friends to go on without me, I’d catch up. As they pedaled out of sight past the next turn I cursed to myself and thought about my weighted disadvantage. It’s true, my bike is heavy, … [ Read More ]

September 12, 2019

Alana Rides

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To start this post off I’d like to share a few facts you may find interesting: Girls and boys share similar attitudes about exercise and bicycling until age 14, at which point more girls fear injury and doubt their own athletic competence.¹  On average, boys cycle nearly 6 times as much as girls (138 miles/year … [ Read More ]

Bonnie Gagnon
September 3, 2019

This Way to Antelope Wells

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I am not a gifted athlete. I haven’t trained all my life, nor won any notable races. In fact, I wasn’t even supposed to be alive at this very moment, having been diagnosed with an advanced case of Lemierre’s Syndrome in 2010, barely surviving the ambush by the disease’s bacteria and living with the residual … [ Read More ]

July 17, 2019

I’m Done! I’m going to quit.

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I wanted to break my number one rule: Don’t quit! I have a theory about doing races similar to the Highland 550. Race the route, but when I get to a point where I risking dropping out or getting hurt, I stop for 8 hours or so and I feel better. The hopeful outcome is … [ Read More ]

A few years ago I yearned to plan my own bikepacking trip. I was intimidated since I had very little experience and even less bike maintenance knowledge. But I then realized I didn’t need to be an expert to try something new. I surveyed several girlfriends via text message, “Hey, you wanna bikepack the Kokopelli … [ Read More ]

Going in to the AZT300, my main aim was simply to be present, be confident in myself and to find that elusive state of mind that makes ultra-racing so utterly addicitive. Annie and me spent a full month in Arizona, spending some time with Kurt Refsnider and Kaitlyn Boyle, the respective male and female record … [ Read More ]