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Annie has been a Revelate Ambassador since 2016 and we love getting to follow along with her bikepacking adventures. Back in December Annie rode the Highland Trail 550 route in winter as a fundraising challenge for Bike for Good in Glasgow. With unpredictable Scottish winter conditions and 17hours of darkness to manage, it was an … [ Read More ]

We left Stockholm driving north in our car loaded with adventure gear. Finally my wife and I were going to get some alone time together. It was to be Linnea’s first bikerafting adventure and was slightly nervous at the prospect of spending several days in the remote forest of the Örebro Region in central Sweden. … [ Read More ]

Sounds2Sounds is the latest event on the increasingly well appointed New Zealand bikepacking calendar. Conceived by the Kennett Brothers (New Zealand’s mountain bike race and brevet pioneers and prolific route and guidebook editors) it connects Totaranui/Queen Charlotte Sound at the top of Te Waipounamu/South Island with Piopiotahi/Milford Sound in Fiordland. The event links many of … [ Read More ]

For someone who relishes riding in the mountains, I’ve long felt a bit reticent for having never ridden more than a few miles in Nevada, the most mountainous state in the U.S. Years ago, I drove across Nevada on Highway 50, “The Loneliest Highway,” en route to a geology conference in San Francisco. That was … [ Read More ]

Do you love where you ride? Bikepacking Roots does! This week Bikepacking Roots is launching their Love Where You Ride project.  Love Where You Ride is an educational project that offers bikepackers the knowledge and skills to not only minimize their impacts on the landscape through which we ride, but also have a positive impact … [ Read More ]

November 9, 2021

Winter Biking 101: How to get started

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Winter is well on its way, especially up here in Alaska. The mountains are covered in snow and folks are starting to dust off their fat bikes. I had the opportunity to learn about winter riding last year when I signed up for the Susitna Half Hundred, a 50-mile bike race through Alaska’s remote wilderness. … [ Read More ]

Hosting or attending a local gravel bikepacking ride can be super exciting but you have to be organized. Here is some advice that will help with the success of a trip. Tip 1: Make Sure You Have The Right Gear Packing for a bikepacking trip takes some time but is totally worth the extra effort … [ Read More ]

I live in a small town in regional South Australia on the banks of the Murray River, surrounded by orange groves, vineyards and fields full of avocados and sheep.  On many weekends I avoid the waterfront, full of jet skis, moored house boats and holiday makers in all hues of sunburn.  How I ended up … [ Read More ]

If you’re like a lot of new bikepackers looking to upgrade your DIY handlebar set up crafted of rope or straps after a couple of overnighters, there are some great options for you. An off-the-shelf solution will likely provide a more stable, reliable, and user-friendly product. We commend the utilitarianism in make-shift gear, but sometimes … [ Read More ]

April 5, 2021

Decisions on the Ice

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To dare to cycle on fresh ice you need to know how to read the signs. You need to test and make sure about what you want to do and that where you want to ride is safe. If it’s not and you break through the surface it could end up being a fatal mistake. … [ Read More ]