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Bekka Mongeau
October 11, 2022

The Road to Recycled

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Did you know that we’ve been converting our entire fleet of bags to recycled materials? We’re working with our suppliers to make our bags friendly to the planet while still retaining their robust and adventure proof qualities!

Our main outer fabric is Ecopac with a 3-ply laminated construction. In addition to EcoPac outer fabrics, we use several other fully recycled polyester fabrics. 1680 denier ballistics found on high wear areas on frame bag perimeters, 450 denier ripstop polyester found on inside panels of frame bags, and 200 denier plain weave found in linings of cockpit bags.



Transitioning all of our fabrics and bags to recycled materials has been a goal of ours for years. In addition to fabric, we are also using recycled plastic resins in the majority of our buckles and are continuing to work on sourcing recycled trims such as webbing.