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BIKEPACKHER is an ongoing mission to celebrate, recognize, and encourage more women to participate in cycling and bikepacking.

We are telling the stories of women in bikepacking, sharing their adventures through writing, photography, video, rides and eventsĀ  to encourage more women to participate in the sport we know and love. Help us create a more inclusive bikepacking community by encouraging women you know who have an interest in bikepacking and sharing these female penned stories below.

Tag your next adventure #bikepackHER to give more visibility to women in cycling and inspire others!

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Flying into Puerto Montt, Chile on December 25th was a pretty remarkable experience. Suddenly, as the plane coasted over farmland toward the head of the Gulfo de Ancud/Corcovado, Volcan Osorno filled the frame of my tiny airplane window. It was magnificent. Soft green fields rolled up to the flanks of the volcano. From sea level … [ Read More ]

March 8, 2016


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Written by Lael Wilcox, photos by Nicholas Carman Riding out of Bahia Los Angeles, under the sun with a tailwind, Nick and I get in a fight because I want to run and he wants to keep moving forward. Fueled by temper, we ride fast through afternoon until we reach a crusty old car tire … [ Read More ]