Stow 1L Bladder


HydraPak's 1L Stow bottle is our favorite collapsable bottle, with an internal baffle making it easy to hold and pack. The slim shape makes it fit great in our frame bags, and when empty it requires very minimal space. An easy-open flip cap cover protects the spill-proof nozzle when not in use and the bail handle expands carrying and attachment options and acts to keep the bottle compact when empty.

Minimal design and durable construction allows flattening and rolling when empty, and can be stored in bail handle.

Flip Top Cap
Made for drinking on the go with an easy open cap cover and self-sealing silicone nozzle.

Filter Compatible
Attaches to most 28mm threaded water filters, so can be used as a backcountry squeeze bag.

Easy Carry
Flexible bail handle for comfortable carrying, quick attachment, and easy filling in a lake or river.

  • Shape fits well in our frame bags, soft material allows it to conform to fit many shapes
  • Flexible bail handle can be used to store, carry, and help fill bladder
  • Flip Top Cap seals bag when closed, allows for easy drinking while moving
  • Internal baffle adds structure making it easier to hold and prevents the bladder from rolling away when full 
  • Filter-compatible 28mm threaded opening integrates with HydraPak's InLine Filter, allowing the Stow to be used as a squeeze bag in a filter system

57 g / 2.0 oz


1L / 32 fl oz


TPU, PP, Silicone

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