The Barnacle is a 2 part handlebar hydration hose management system. A strap with a fixed clip and a strap with a magnetic clip. When using a hydration bladder inside a frame bag you can run the hose to the fixed clip, then use the magnetic one close to the valve for drinking. The fixed clip insures that the full length of hose does not fall to the ground (or into your front wheel) if you miss re-connecting the magnet end or it gets knocked off in rough terrain. 

The Barnacle is included with our optional Hydration Kit on select frame bags, in the Hydrapak Seeker 2L bundle and as a standalone item for those already utilizing a bladder.

Strong magnet holds tube to the bars, releases easily when you're ready to drink.

Fixed clip for taking up long lengths of tube

Urethane coated webbing, attaches to any tube size, even around bar tape.

Magnet clip can be removed from strap and slipped onto any other webbing strap 

Fits all round bicycle handlebars

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