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June 4, 2010

Lift off

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Welcome to the new website! You might be thinking “what happened to Epic Designs”? Little trademark dispute . . . led to a name change. Epic Designs is no more. It was hard to swallow and a stressful couple of months, but we’ve embraced the change and used it as an opportunity to kick it up a notch and build a new website. So have a look around.

A few thanks are in order for helping make this happen:

Julie my sweetie for her incredible support
Couloir Graphics
– William Finley – It’s nice when the best web developer in Alaska is also your good friend and climbing partner.
Creative Space – Karen Larsen for her numerous brain storming sessions and graphic design help.
Jeff Conaway, Jeebs and Leo – For embracing the growing sweatshop in their back yard.
Friends, customers alike who contributed many of the photos here. And lastly, to everyone who’s been patiently waiting for bags while I’ve been working through this!

It’s Go Time!