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January 8, 2011

Large Gas Tanks

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Just in time for the winter races, Large gas tanks are in stock.

Large Gas Tanks are fully padded top tube cases that taper outwards at the front. They are best for when you need to carry a lot of stuff and don’t mind your knees hitting the sides when you stand up to pedal. This year the large tanks have a host of improvements. They are stiffer than ever, have a beefy bottom gripper attachment and an adjustible height front strap. The zippers are #8’s and the interior has a yellow lining so you can see your stuff. If you are maxing out your frame bag space they are a good addition for more capacity.


Bottom attachment – Webbing reinforced velcro, quad bar tacked, with gripper material.

There you have it. Availalbe only to stock on hand, once they are gone, that’s it. I doubt we are going to get around to making another batch the way this winter is going. $70

and yes.. that is a Moots stem on a Pugsley.