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July 19, 2011

Gulf coast of Alaska

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My binge trip this summer was heading back to Yakutat…

The scene was complete de-javu from 3 years ago when Dylan Kentch and I packrafted, rode and bushwacked our Pugsley’s north 300 something miles to Cordova. This time there was 5 of us, Dylan, Doom Fassbinder, Roman Dial and Mike Curiak. We headed south.

The best I can do is re-post the videos that Roman and Mike made from the trip. Roman’s chronologically captures the child like fun that we had, enjoying perfect weather and a fun yet challenging route. Mike’s is an artistic vision that basks in the subtleties of being out there.


Bikerafting Alaska’s Lost Coast: Yakutat to Glacier Bay. from lacemine29 on Vimeo.

For propaganda value, we all used Revelate gear extensively. See here for my personal gear notes. Dylan, Doom and Mike all had frame bags, Dylan used a large seat bag (the mythical super twinkie), Doom and Roman had a harness with pockets, Mike also had a gas tank. This is the kind of adventures we design and build gear for. It’s what Revelate was born on and pushes the envelope to excell at.