The Saltyroll is a simple waterproof drybag with roll down closures on both sides. Use it with the Harness, strap it to a rack, or pair it with another carrying system.

  • Reinforced daisy chain allows for a multitude of strap placements
  • Slide the straps on the Harness through the loops to keep the bag centered
  • Radio-frequency welded waterproof seam construction
  • Dual roll down closures
Diameter: 6.6 in / 16.7 cm
Max length (L): 21 in / 53.3 cm
Min length (L): 13 in / 33 cm
Minimum 3 rolls of closure on each end

6.5 oz / 185 grams


Max 12L / 732 cu in.


210 denier nylon. Dual coat TPU. Imported.

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