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February 3, 2012

Frame bag geometry

Posted by Revelate Designs

Lots of folks have been asking about the dimensions for the fat tire frame bags so they can see if they fit on other bikes.

I tabulated the basic geometry for the bags on the frame bag page here. If you use that combined with the geo listed on salsa and Surly’s website it sould get you close enough.

have a good weekend.

Revelate Designs
December 7, 2011

The Spocket!

Posted by Revelate Designs

Last summer I had a lot of people ask me to put pockets on the tops of seat bags to carry Spot trackers, mainly for the Tour Divide race.

The custom jobs integrated a mesh pocket into the top of the bag, but I still liked the streamlined simplicity the standard seat bag.

So now you have your choice with this simple add on: More info here

Revelate Designs
November 16, 2011

Bicycle Times Review

Posted by Revelate Designs

Bicycle Times Magazine ran a review of the Tangle bag recently.

check it out: