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February 13, 2012

Oldie and newie

Posted by Revelate Designs

Sometimes bags come back that we love seeing how they’ve held up.

Pete Basinger (needing no introduction in endurance circles) sent back an old frame bag I made for him years ago. It was one of the originals during the first winter of making bags for races like the Alaska Ultra Sport and others.

So the frame bag needed new zippers which is no suprise seeing how’s he’s ridden with this thing thousands of miles… it’s been the full length of the Iditarod trail to Nome, to McGrath several times, endured one particularly muddy trip, and lots more.

Check out the logo, embroidered by hand using tight zigzag. Not too many of these out there!

The fabric is fine, even at wear spots., so with zippers replaced and the top flap velcro beefed up this bag is ready to go on another 5 years of adventuring. I can’t wait to see it in 10 years…

That is of course, if the new one below it for the Hunter does not try to step in too much.

Revelate Designs
February 4, 2012

Introducing the Jerrycan

Posted by Revelate Designs

Say hello to our new, rear mount top tube bag – Jerrycan-!

Like it’s namesake, Jerrycan’s give you a bit of additional space when all your other tanks are full.

These guys are small, only 2″ wide and streamlined, a few tools, a tube, or some calories.

You probably noticed from the first photo that there are 2 of them. A regular version and a bent version, made to fit bikes with slanted gussets at the seat tube.

We only have a batch of the regular version finished, bent ones will be ready mid-February

The full info on these is on the product page here

Here are some photos of us, mostly Dusty actually, making them. That’s my hand in the bottom shot… you’ll have to take my word for it.

Pretty good resemblence don’t you think?

Revelate Designs
February 3, 2012

Frame bag geometry

Posted by Revelate Designs

Lots of folks have been asking about the dimensions for the fat tire frame bags so they can see if they fit on other bikes.

I tabulated the basic geometry for the bags on the frame bag page here. If you use that combined with the geo listed on salsa and Surly’s website it sould get you close enough.

have a good weekend.