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January 22, 2015

Powerline Hoodies

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Living in Alaska means you deal with the cold and the weather a lot.

In the summer of 2008 I needed a good cozy fleece layer for a certain trek out in the Aleutian Islands. I had more time than money on my hands so cut apart some old clothing to make a pattern, added a hood then zig-zag stitch and hacked together the fleece hoodie I’ve basically lived in for the next 6 years. It was crude but endured the test of time and then some.

Constructed out of Polartec Windpro fleece, it was warm, comfortable enough to live in, did not absorb much water and took the bite out of the wind. It became my second skin for both summer and winter forays for the years to come.

Skiing the White Mountains 100 north of Fairbanks AK.

19 days into fat biking and packrafting from Yakatut to Cordova

For winter, the only layering change is adding a UL wind shirt over the top for when going fast, and / or a thin wool layer underneath. The Windpro fleece has amazing breathability as it’s simply a tight knit that provides wind protection, no laminates or barriers to get you sweaty.

Revelate is the kind of brand where we have ideas, make stuff because we want it, then kick around if we want to produce it for everyone else. Over the course of winter riding 6 months a year, year after year and wearing this fleece day in and day out, moving foreword was an easy decision. Problem is we’re not a clothing maker, nor do we aspire to be… different machines, different techniques, different everything. We needed a partner with the knowledge of producing technical outdoor clothing to make it happen. It took a bit, but I eventually talked Portland based NW Alpine owner Bill Amos into working with us on it.

The Powerline Hoodie was born!

The latest incarnation is simply a modern pro version of the one I scrapped together years ago. Same awesome fabric for winter aerobic pursuits and slightly loose fitting to accomidate layers under and over.

All the info on the product page here. Yes there are a ton of technical apparal options out there, but we felt strongly enough about this one to make it happen, Stay warm and get one!