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July 7, 2012

Our customers are awesome!

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First up is Mike Hall from the U.K. Mike ordered some bags last December with no questions asked or correspondance of what he was going to do with them.

Turns out in mid-February Mike started racing in the World Cycle Race (, a global circumnavigation time trial over 18,000 miles in length.

Mike simply killed it, winning the race and setting a new record of 91 days. Feel free to do the math for daily mileage… An absolutly increadible feat as he carried all his gear and was self supported. Makes me numb and hungry just thinking about it.

Here is Mike at the start.

18,125 (!!) miles later… still smilling!

The U.K. website had a nice gear interview with Mike that you can fine with this link

You the man Mr. Hall. Photo’s above courtsey of Kevin Cunnifee

Next of course is the Tour Divide.

It was quite a show this year with over 100 racers going both northbound and southbound. There are ton’s of stories sure to come out of this year’s race & there are still riders out there making them. I’d like to take a moment to congragulate the 2 male and female winners who chose to use Revelate bags.

Ollie Whalley hailing from New Zealand (rookie!) smoked it and broke the standing record. Ollie got his bags from Cycletech, our New Zealand dealer.

Ollie seemed humbled and suprized that he did so well in this video from Mountain Flyer magazine.

Congragulations Ollie!

Finally, I was one of many people who would wake up and drink coffee to watch a certain pink dot make huge jumps southward along the map on Trackleaders. Eszster Horanyi, hailing from various campgrounds in the Crested Butte vicinity, put in an amazing ride and set a record that will be tough to beat.

Huge Congrats Eszter! She keeps a blog with her husband Chris that is pure Colorado eye candy, be sure to check it out.

The punchline is that you can use the same gear to win the Tour Divide or ride around the world 18,000 road miles or just do a close to home overnighter or even commuting & day trips with the Tangle bags that Ollie and Mike used. Road or Mountain, mega-Epic or not.