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Kaitlyn Boyle
December 4, 2021

Introducing Bikepacking Roots’ Love Where You Ride project!

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Do you love where you ride? Bikepacking Roots does! This week Bikepacking Roots is launching their Love Where You Ride project. 

Love Where You Ride is an educational project that offers bikepackers the knowledge and skills to not only minimize their impacts on the landscape through which we ride, but also have a positive impact on the communities we interact with as bikepackers. With generous support from Salsa Cycles and Conservation Lands Foundation, we have developed Positive Impact Bikepacking practices to inspire bikepackers to go beyond minimizing their impact and join us in working to cultivate a positive user-group identity and reputation with the communities, other user-groups, and land managers that we interact with while out riding. 

Furthermore, Bikepacking Roots has partnered with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics to offer bikepackers tools and practices for minimizing our impact on the landscapes through which we  ride while having a positive impact on the communities along the way. Together we’ve adapted the Leave No Trace Seven Principles specifically for bikepackers and have compiled a set of guidelines to help bikepackers engage positively with communities and individuals we encounter while out riding. 

Leave No Trace Seven Principles: ©Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics:

Learn more about the Leave No Trace Seven Principles on the Bikepacking Roots website, follow their #lovewhereyouride campaign on social media, and join us in envisioning a future where our growing bikepacking community is one where individuals think globally and act locally to minimize their impact on the landscape and communities through which we ride. 

Revelate Designs is now spreading the love by including a Love Where You Ride sticker with every bag that is shipped out. The sticker includes a QR code that takes you to the Bikepacking Roots Love Where You Ride page. Help us grow the movement by placing the sticker in a responsible location that will either remind you of what you’re a part of or spread awareness to other bikepackers.