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I live in a small town in regional South Australia on the banks of the Murray River, surrounded by orange groves, vineyards and fields full of avocados and sheep.  On many weekends I avoid the waterfront, full of jet skis, moored house boats and holiday makers in all hues of sunburn.  How I ended up … [ Read More ]

March 14, 2018

Southwest Wanderings

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I have a brand new bicycle! Or rather I have an old bike made new again. I had this frame built 10 years ago as a 29” singlespeed touring bike, greatly inspired by Pat Irwin who I heard refer to himself once as a “dirt roadie”. This was long before gravel bikes had been “invented”. … [ Read More ]

This story comes from my good friend and adventure partner Dylan Kentch. Dylan is a rare breed as you’ll find out by reading this article. On our trips together I was fortunate enough to get a glimpse at the goings-on inside his head as we bushwacked, rode and mostly stumblef-ed our way through a few … [ Read More ]