Mountain Feedbag

  • The original Mountain Feedbag™ was born in the Oregon Cascades to meet the fueling needs of endurance mountain bike racers. It opens and closes one-handed while riding for on the go access to it's contents. Beware of imitations!

    Mounts to the Handle bar and stem, and has a lower tension strap that wraps around the fork crown.

    Mountain Feedbags are built with 3 layer construction of an outer woven polyester, inner foam for structure and a bright yellow liner for visability that can be flipped inside out for easy cleaning. Dual side stretch mesh pockets are good for wrapers and gells.

    Integrates with all Revelate Handlebar bags/systems.

    Easily fits bike water bottles.

    Universal right/left side design.

    Click Media Tab for video of use!

    Read more info on the blog post here

    Review of older models:

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    MTBR Review Here!

  • Weight:
    3.6 oz
    Foam stiffened laminated polyester fabric Elastic mesh side pockets one handed drawstring closure Coated, snap in yellow liner for visibility and easy cleaning. Integrated attachment to handlebar systems.
  • Gas Tank  Top tube mounted, panel opening bag for on the fly access.

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Top tube mounted, panel opening bag for on the fly access.
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