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In 2010, I set out with my dearest expedition pals, Kate Harris and Rebecca Haspel, to become the first all-female team to summit Lingsarmo/Pinnacle Peak – a 6955m peak in the heart of the Indian Himalaya. By the time we were descending from the precipitous summit, we were already brewing up our next expedition. A … [ Read More ]

June 23, 2016

18 Days 10 Minutes

Posted by Holly

After following the dots on the leader board for the last couple weeks, I was a little bit stunned to check back the night before the race and see that Lael Wilcox had taken the lead. I double and triple checked actually. It was close to the finish line and I wanted to spread the … [ Read More ]

I met up with Lael Wilcox last month in Anchorage, days before she started her trek to Astoria, Oregon for the start of the Trans Am. With the race just two days away, I feel confident that I’m not giving away any of her secrets. Whether that was by means of my own procrastination or that … [ Read More ]

Eric Parsons
April 22, 2016

What You Need to Ride the Divide

Posted by Eric Parsons

The days are numbered until the Tour Divide begins, enthusiastic cyclists will start pedaling in Banff, AB. Those that can navigate the terrain, clock the miles, and maneuver through all seasons of weather with the looming threat of wildfires to emerge in Antelope Wells, NM, on this self supported tour, all deserve a medal. We … [ Read More ]

Eric Parsons
March 15, 2016

Patagonia Bikepacking Expedition

Posted by Eric Parsons

Guest Blog post! Revelate Ambassadors Kaitlyn Boyle and Kurt Refsnider took their bikes to Patagonia this past December. Kaityln was kind enough to send along this story and these incredible photos. Enjoy! Of Fire and Ice, Rainforests and Pampas: Patagonia Bikepacking Expedition Words and photos by Kaitlyn Boyle Flying into Puerto Montt, Chile on December … [ Read More ]

Eric Parsons
March 8, 2016

Pancho – Guest Post by Lael Wilcox

Posted by Eric Parsons

Written by Lael Wilcox, photos by Nicholas Carman Riding out of Bahia Los Angeles, under the sun with a tailwind, Nick and I get in a fight because I want to run and he wants to keep moving forward. Fueled by temper, we ride fast through afternoon until we reach a crusty old car tire … [ Read More ]

Eric Parsons
February 24, 2016

Bikepacking Romania – Vampires and Castles.

Posted by Eric Parsons

Story and Photographs by Revelate Ambassador Dan Bailey. . Vampires and castles. That’s all I really knew about Romania before deciding to go bike touring over there for a month. Oh yea, and that the country was ruled by a brutal communist dictator for over 20 years, who was executed by firing squad on Christmas Day in … [ Read More ]