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Warning – lots of kid photos. Turn back now if you’re not into that. This winter my wife Julie was interested in doing a Spanish language immersion in another country. Guatemala was rather quickly decided upon for it’s high standard of language schools and ample outdoor fun opportunities. She flew down in early January to … [ Read More ]

Want to run a Thudbuster seatpost and our seat bags? Here’s the scoop! Cane Creek makes 2 versions of the Thusbuster post that takes the edge off during a long day in the saddle. These posts are popular with the long haul crowd and the ST is even spec’ed as stock on the Salsa Fargo … [ Read More ]

Revelate Designs
September 6, 2013

The Terrapin

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Introducing our new saddle drybag holster system. This thing came about seflishly through the 2 big beach rides I did along the Gulf of Alaska. Although the standard Viscacha worked remarkably well, there were some drawbacks, and it was clear that a waterproof system that was easily removed was the ticket for wet condition adventure … [ Read More ]

A picture is worth 1000 words but this one also has a few on it.

Timing is everything, getting schedules to match up, weather to be just right, and conditions for travel all to agree usually takes a lot of luck. Billy Finley (Revelate’s web and tech guru) and I headed up to Eklutna lake 45 min from Anchorage to get up to Pitchler’s perch, the first mountaineering hut along … [ Read More ]

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December 19, 2012

Viscacha update

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First – The front strap was changed from dual straps to a single 2″ wide strap. The grip material and velcro was added and tweaked making this single wrap more secure (and lighter and cleaner) than the 2 strap configuration. A big benefit it Thusbuster ST seapost owner can now use this bag without modification. … [ Read More ]

First up is Mike Hall from the U.K. Mike ordered some bags last December with no questions asked or correspondance of what he was going to do with them. Turns out in mid-February Mike started racing in the World Cycle Race (, a global circumnavigation time trial over 18,000 miles in length. Mike simply killed … [ Read More ]

Revelate Designs
March 6, 2012

Salsa Fargo / El Mariachi & Spearfish Frame bags

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Enough rumors are circulating that it’s time to be out with it. Very soon there will be bags available off the shelf for these fine bicycles, no more waiting months for custom orders. We are finishing an initial batch that will be shipping to Salsa shortly. The geometry of the Fargo, Fargo Ti and El … [ Read More ]

Revelate Designs
February 13, 2012

Oldie and newie

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Sometimes bags come back that we love seeing how they’ve held up. Pete Basinger (needing no introduction in endurance circles) sent back an old frame bag I made for him years ago. It was one of the originals during the first winter of making bags for races like the Alaska Ultra Sport and others. So … [ Read More ]

Revelate Designs
February 4, 2012

Introducing the Jerrycan

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Say hello to our new, rear mount top tube bag – Jerrycan-! Like it’s namesake, Jerrycan’s give you a bit of additional space when all your other tanks are full. These guys are small, only 2″ wide and streamlined, a few tools, a tube, or some calories. You probably noticed from the first photo that … [ Read More ]