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Currently not taking new custom bag orders.

Frame bags use of the valuable space inside your bike’s frame to carry food, water and gear. Frame bags evenly distribute weight on your bike and keep a low profile and give a low center of gravity.

We build bags with an emphasis on simplicity, functionality and durability. Whether you want organization for little stuff, or just space for a hydration bladder, we can design a bag to fit your particular needs. If you aren't sure of the best configuration for your bike, check the Gallery link for design ideas or ask for recommendations. Some things work better than others for particular bikes.

Prices typically range from $100-$200, the majority of full size bags are in the $125-$175 range.

For ordering info, please click the next tab. There is an approximate 12 week wait time.


  • To secure your place in the build que you need to place an order here on the website. The deposit and shipping can be charged to your credit card or you can mail in a check with the rest of the info below.

    For bike geometry, we need a tracing of the inside triangle of your frame. The best way to do this is to take a piece of poster board, or any other big piece of paper and draw out the inside triangle of your bike as accurately as possible. Use a piece of cardboard as backing and tape it to the frame if needed. When doing so, mark anything important like of cable stops, any suspension pivots and the front derailleur. Sketch in the headset area as well which is important for the gas tank strap. Do not cutout the shape.

    Next, please print and fill out this form:

    Custom Frame Bag Order Form

    Lastly, Fold up the frame tracing into a small envelope with the order form and mail it to the address listed under contact us. Please do not send large packages or tubes as this is a PO Box.

    If you are getting a new frame from a custom builder I can work off inside triangle dimensions and CAD drawings, but it is typically much easier to wait until you get the frame and make a tracing since the necessary information is typically lacking. A $15 design charge will be added if only dimensions are given.

    If want a bag for a Fat tire bike we already have patterns for all the available frames out there so just email us. We also have patterns already made up for most bike frames made by Salsa and Surly.