I still want to use my water bottles, but the frame bag will eliminate the cages.  Where do I put my water?
Put the bottles in the bag or use a water bladder. You can run a hydration hose out of the bag with a long hose or pack one water bottle near the zipper for single-handed access while riding.

How does using a frame bag work with a stiff crosswind?
Based on personal experience touring in windy southern Patagonia, the effects of using a frame bag in strong crosswinds is not much different than other carrying systems. Think of it in terms of surface area.  With panniers or any other kind of bags you have surface area at the ends of the bike which can affect handling when hit by a gust. With a frame bag you’ll get the same pull, but it will be centered and not affect handling of the bike.

How do I clean my bags?
Hose down, hand wash, use a mild diluted soap if needed, air dry.  Do NOT machine wash or dry as this may delaminate the fabrics.

How do I care for the zippers?
Keep them clean. Wash with water after dirty / muddy rides. Clean inner teeth with a tooth brush after big trips. Zippers with a lot of use can be given a bit of TLC by rubbing a candle along the teeth to lubricate slightly.