About Revelate Designs

Revelate Designs was founded in Anchorage Alaska in 2007, we build the finest bikepacking and lightweight bike travel on the planet.

Eric Parsons founded Revelate Designs (originally Epic Designs) out of a passion for adventuring on two wheels. After a decade of adventuring with different setups for hauling multi-day loads, it was clear that some out of the box thinking using lighweight systems could be applied to the world of bike touring whether it be mountain, road, or on fat tires.

Using an industrial sewing machine in a basement apartment, Eric began sewing frame bags for fat-tire snow bike races, chiefly the Iditarod Trail Invitational. Demand grew quickly and after a few months the engineering job was left behind and he devoted himself to designing and sewing bags for others who shared his adventure biking drive and needed functional, lightweight gear. 

Today Revelate remains a small Alaska-based business making high quality gear for the passionate, hard core niche of avid cyclists. We sew and manufacture everything in Anchorage, Alaska and Springfield, Oregon, with as much domesticaly-sourced materials as possible.



Revelate, Jerrycan and Revelate Designs are Registered Trademarks of Revelate Designs LLC.