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Please note this post contains outdated information and should be used only for ideas about using the straps and pockets.

In the summer of 2004 Anchorage mountain bike overlord Carlos Lozano organized a sadistic self supported race on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula. It covered every peninsula trail in both directions in it's 210 odd mile length. Nine of us started and only 3 comprimised of myself, Adam Barlett and Pete Basinger, who won in 24 something hrs, finished. My brain holds on to a set of vivid memories in particular; night riding Johnson's pass at 1:00 am, battling through thick overgrown brush yelling loudly to wake up every bear in a 10 mile radius that I was coming through. Freaked as all hell of any snap of a branch or twitch of a leaf. When I finished the trail and hit pavement, the sudden lack of stimuli and fatigue found me passed out in the roadside ditch. I woke up 2 hrs later shivering uncontrobly in the dark lying on my side, still clipped in. Got up and kept riding down the highway towards the Devils pass trail.

The race was called "The Sweet Roll"

So here is the bag, it mounts to the handlebars and opens from both ends. comes in 2 sizes. simple enough.

The mount is simple, refined and dialed. Stackable blocks provide handle bar offset and give space for cables and prevent wear on the bag from levers. Underneath this, sewn into the fabric is a composite stiffener running length wise to keep the mount spacing solid and gives the bag structure when packing & unpacking.

Here is the small one on my bike, lots of tire clearance for single track missions. 6" diameter.

Here is the large size (and all photos to follow), it's quite a bit bigger and holds more than the Viscacha seat bag. 8" diameter.

The front of the bag is simple but feature rich in that you can cusomize it in many different configurations. Shown above is the stock out of the box setup.

You can use the hot straps to lash something light like a foam pad to the front (this one is a thin MEC evazote).

The hot straps themselves are made with latch-cam buckles so they can lock down and not slip no matter what weird stuff you want to strap up there.


Adding on pockets is easy, here is the little Spocket that also goes on top of our seat bags...


If you want more room, just unclip the hot straps and put a front pocket in it's place.

starting to get the idea? you can also run both... and shove stuff like a wet rain jacket in between the main bag and pocket.

There you have it. The Sweet Roll.

now back to sewing more of them..

    • Author's name
    • Colin Cadden
    • posted on June 05, 2012
    Brilliant timing. I'm just packing for my first trip with the sweet roll and I couldn't work out what those foam spacers were for!
    • Author's name
    • Bryan Kolasinski
    • posted on June 05, 2012
    The Sweet Roll looks great! Already ordered a large and cannot wait to take it out in a few weeks!
    • Author's name
    • Greg Haack
    • posted on June 05, 2012
    What are the differences between the sweet roll and the harness? I've been holding out for a harness and just wondering if I should reconsider. I do have a 15 liter dry bag for the harness, what are the capacities of the sweet roll and are they waterproof?
    • Author's name
    • Noah
    • posted on June 06, 2012
    Looks pretty awesome Eric! How far apart are the mounting straps?
    • Author's name
    • ProfoundAlchemy
    • posted on June 08, 2012
    Looks great Eric.. Although I use 2 feedbags on mine and this looks like it would be very hard to use with them. I guess it might be either or eh...

    Actually After looking closer I am sure they would go on but it just may be tricky up there
    • Author's name
    • Eric
    • posted on June 10, 2012
    Some answers.
    -The mounts are 6.5" apart measured at the outer edges.

    -Mountain Feedbags still work just fine with these, the sweet roll bar mount strap goes through the plastic loop on the top of the feedbag. The wide velcro is then just folded out of the way in that little sleeve on the feedbag.

    -Harness is totally different in that it holds a drybag. Sweetrolls are all in one and not 100% waterproof.

    hope that helps
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